David Beckham nos muestra sus pelotas

David Beckham.

Después de sufrir una lesión, el día de ayer regresó a las canchas el futbolista David Beckham, con el Galaxy L.A. y tal parece que no la estaba pasando muy bien, pues fue captado un poco angustiado y jalándose su short, que para deleite de todas las mujeres no dejó nada a la imaginación. Y si no lo crees, aquí te dejamos esta imagen, que capturó el momento justo.

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David Beckham encabeza la lista del Top Man 2007

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4 comentarios sobre “David Beckham nos muestra sus pelotas

  1. ooooo oo but this things sometimes happen is not end of the world but see david… i LOVE YOU exept that there is one problem … i m very far from you so the only way to enjoy you is from internet and there is another problem too??? the fotos that your people takes and published in internet there are not real, come on the people is not estupid you know… this foto is reaalll. so david you have ,a great fortune , a beautiful woman and kids and fantastic and hugh mansion …i ´m only a employment who works very hard trying to suport a family. not all the people have the oportunities to be a famous well so ; enjoy your life ( i know that sometimes is dificult but this is the price that you have to pay for be a famous) .
    my sentenses for you is: DONT WORRY FOR YOU PHOTOS, OR YOUR CAR , ENJOY THE MOMENT ( be happy)bye Mjulia from ARGENTINA

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